Saturday, August 30, 2008

Night work..

Hmm,gonna finish my nite shift in 5 mins..watched PS i love u da movie..sgt2 jiwang ok...simply luv it..hehe.alrite,cant wait to sleep.tomorrow watching loveguru with lil sis,na!huhu,ciao

Friday, August 29, 2008

Birthday bash!

all of us after having the dinner...d food was superb!

me n d kerinting gang...haha.yg xbestnyer ape tau,tu tu..kat tangan tu pegang buku nerdy!i was actually forced to hold that.haha.xlah.

Last n frens form selayang had a birthday bash for my 2 beautiful frens, lovely see yee n sexy may.haha.kitorg makan sampai sgt sgt buncit. buncit sgt,sampai bile balik n baring,xboleh nak meniarap sbb mcm bola.haha,ok so i think i've described quite goes....

Da bomb is here.... a start,let me talk about myself.haha.xlah..ok,i will basically talk about everything that i do,feel n one can prevent me from doing that!haha,but please do feel free to comment anything that u think, even if u juz hate me.i'll accept it with n open heart.haha.what can u say..people do stupid stuffs rite.yeah,especially me!:0

Believe it or not!!U better do;)

Hello world!!

Haha!this is so amazingly unbelievable that i am actually capable of doing a blog!haha.terer x....
Hope that this will not be juz for a short while, coz of my lazyness n i suck in the IT world.haha!C ya!