Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why Rihanna why?

im sure everyone heard what happened to Rihanna..kesian die,n kesian gak kitrg ni yg xdpt tgk konsert die!!waaa!!xpe2,maybe there's still hope:)the thing i wanna say here now is that how some blody guys react on the tragedy.i heard over the radio,there were 2 DJs,who actually thought Rihanna was beaten becoz they might been having some problems so Chris Brown hit her.bole X?if there is anyone at all,having like 10 guys at one time pon i still think guys should never ever beat women up.grow up guys..menyampah aku dengar laki2 bangang ckp dlm radio cmtu.

Friday, February 13, 2009


sometimes..u juz cant imagine how beautiful or bad life can be..but today,i definitely saw beauty..hehe.dont ask why.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Congrats Hazli & Riza!!

Yey!!me n sho started our journey from kl to taiping (which i thought the wedding was in Ipoh earlier,punyelah gabrah pagi tu..hehe) at 9.30 am then reached ipoh at 11.30.we went straight to Kinta City,lepak jap,the bought my favourite vegetarian food...y sgt sgt sgt sedap...we wouldnt miss this place if we're in's one of the stalls in the foodcourt.u juz got to try it!!nyum nyum..then got back on track n met abg fariz n d gang in taiping n went straight to hazli's was really worth d travel,as the couple was so greatful of us being there.dahlah tu,the food was gorgeous!!sedap sgt..sampai tertanye makck tu.."makcik masak ke?"haha.makcik tu dgn tersipu2kate X.haha..ok cite xkemane..ok ok,then we took some pictures,sembang2 ngan dorang sume yg dah lame xjumpe..bestbest.pastu dah puas makan n amik gambar kitrg pon blk.but knowing me n sho,kitrg pon divert pergi tempat lain.we went to taiping lake beatiful...had a few picts taken,then it started it was time to go back.huhu.

so here comes the weird part...when we went back,adelah kitrg jumpe simpang 4,we went right,following my instinct..haha..pastu rupenyer2 we went backto the juncion,then we went staight on..tetibe ade jam yg melampau.ingatkan kenduri..rupe2nyer,ade gerai Mee Udang Banjir Mak Teh.!Maybe u guys r wondering,sape mak teh ni?haha.this is the weirdest part,gerai ni famous dgn mee udang sbb baru je kuar TV3 smalam,n me n my mom was watching it n my mom was wishing that she could hava a taste of it.BOLE X?elok arini we accidently bumped into it in taiping!!how cool is that?best giler!then bile blk mak was so happy n it was so good!a bit pricy,but definitely worth it;)end of our trip to Taiping!

My other half..haha new slr camera..not exactly new,but i would consider it new since i haven't read the whole manual yet.hhaha.pastu mcm xcited sgt,beli one book on d camera..tu lagilah xbace n books.haha.haven't explore it that muc,hbut will try to be a pro since i've already got a few invitations to be a photographer.haha,u guys better think about it twice;)