Thursday, September 18, 2008

A beautiful day with a wonderful person

I juz love when we finally get a day off,even juz one day,from the busy,hectic life of working 247..i can easily get stressful by even thinking that i have to work tomorrow..haha,yeah,i'm that to begin the beautiful sunny day,me n best friend went out for a movie..that was our initial plan.until we got those little brilliant ideas of doing more fun activities! we started watching the other boleyn girl,which turns out to be a superb movie!natalie portman acted so bloody well until i really hated her guts!scarlet johansson was really good potraying as her ever-good-hearted sister.n not to be forgoten,eric bana was so,so hot...even though he acted more as a very useless king.i really recommend u guys,to see this movie as i grant this movie with an A grading (watch it or u better die,haha).so then,after we watched it,we went to bowl!huhu....i really like it,but i really,as expected, i lost quite badly to Chiew Hsia with not even one strike,or even a spare!haha.
Then we went to do somein different which was...BATTING!!can u believe it or not,there is a actually a batting cage on the roof top of One cooooollll is that?!so we went there knowing nothing of batting(except from some of the hits done in high school..hehe,for me lah) trying to hit some balls!haha.we were lucky enough to buy the tokens half of the price since wednesday is half priced for 3 bucks u can actualy get 15 balls to i played the first 45 balls which was horrible coz i only got like 10 balls hit.Chiew Hsia who did't want to play at first (i repeat,at first..hahha!,u better be reading this bff) was actually fascinated on how i played,n guess what!suddenly,there was this soft voice from behind.."eh put,i think i want a token lah"..hahah!yes!so after constant persuasion and all the actions of smacking the balls i've put in..she finally smacked down some balls!hehe.u rock girl! then,we continued playing until there were these to hot looking guys started playing beside us.luckily they did't have the chance to look on how we played.haha.n 1 more thing,the sceneries from up there was gorgeous and was so by that time it was nearly time for me to break my fast,so we went to the curve to have our dinner with all of our other that is what i call spending a beautiful day with a wonderful friend..what could u ask for more;)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Eee..geramnyer ngan Hugh Jackman

eee...aritu,tgk cite deception tau.Tengok pon sbb suke sgt hugh jackman yg sgt sexy ngan nampak cite tu mmg cm best. So i watched it with my bff Chiew Hsia n expect cite tu mmg sgt bestla kan..then,first2 cm dah start boring..then,i was trying to console myself,oohh..boring mase starting je kot..then after 1 hour pon the movie is still bloody boring!bole x!then,to make the movie awarded as the most crappy film ever,ending cite tu,heroin die (who cannot act) tetibe senyum senget kat hero cite tu,which happens to be another great actor,ewan mcgregor.bole x?so the moral of the story,dont choose a movie by the actors in it,pick the ones with good plots and definitely any romantic comedy (u can never go wrong with that,seriuosly)___ D+ (shoot me in da head)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Upgrading my IT knowledge..heheh

ok..after seeing definitely maybe dulu, i fell in love with one of the gadget boyfriendku gune (the gorgeous ryan reynolds-the definition of my dream guy,extremely funny and romantic)haha..ape kene aku malam2 ni a.hahha.ok2,back to the topic.he used this amazing headset which was wireless!die masukkan juz the earplug je,n there was no single wire attached!bole giler!

so then, i started looking for it kat low turns out to be kat malaysia xde lagi,bole x..but i found somein similar to it,which had the same features,but it had some wires attached to it..but still looks hot! i bought it!juz to share,if u guys r interested in's the picture..wah,put dah terer IT!hahah

Ngantok tahap cipan

ok..lagi 3 setengah jam nak abih shif keje dah..mati aku.malam ni sangat2 ngantok.was happy when my soulmate was here,then mate start nak tutup once dah sorang2.pastu start lah otak ku yg sangat byk imagine..haha,xleh kontrol. diet coke dah minum,nescafe dah amik,plus this superb nasi lemak (which my bff bought) plus sausage,tambah plak murtabak ku penuh-penuhkan perut ku.hahahha.puas ati..ok2,dah xngantok dah sbb ade satu couple kat depan ni sgt loving...this guy was actually massaging his wife's head..hmmmm...sweetnyer..susah nak tgk laki malaysia mcm ni..especially malay guys.argh...hahahha.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ntah pape

Ehhh..tension nyer...have u ever been in a situation where u really dont know what ur supposed to do?whether to juz give up or juz try to make the best out of it?yeah..sgt sgt dilema skang.i juz luv love clinical parmacy but i'm stuck in DIS sampai bile pon xtau,n there is no one to replace me.bole x!!sedih giler!!so conclusionnyer,mmg kene dok DIS sampai kedut n at d same time i have to do clinical (which i find really hard since DIS work is like never ending, tp suke clinical tp.....).so,i think,after careful consideration (campur tido yg byk td,hehe)..ikot hati nak cakap je nak kuar DIS n nak take up clinical fulltime,tp cm xlogik i think i'll strive as hard as i could to make both of it happen!waaaaaaa.......................ok nak nangis dah..:(

Monday, September 1, 2008

Behold of the movie maniac!

Heeeee...even d word MOVIES can make me become thrilled!haha.if u need some expert opinion on any movies,either d new realeased ones or even the evergreens,u can always ask me as i am so addicted to watching movies and its juz undescribable on how i can relate myself to the movies.There was 1 time i can recall, i told one of my friends,that after watching certain of the movies that i adore, i would be imagining myself as one of the actors in it.hahah!that is how psychotic i am about movies!huhu.ok,dont be scared,that was juz an,from today onwards, i will write on every single movie that i've watched, to juz make a quick review,so that u wll have an idea on which movies can make u cry or laugh and which are da ones which can juz make u get out of d cinema!

Above all the genres of movies, i would simply say that i love romantic comedy the most!(to name a few-failure to launch,forgetting sarah marshall).Then followed by drama (more to life event stories,eg beautiful mind),comedy (the hilarious autin powers,dodgeball)and to even cartoons(digs madagascar).The only type of movie that i dont really like is the war type of movies involving hitler(or any of those beastful men) or even movies shot in Africa or at any desert in fact. I juz hate that kind of movies...eee. So tune with me to know the latest lots n lots of movies!