Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The worst sushi place ever!

Uuuu..i juz love sushi...but not every single sushi hangout serves good sushi..pernah dengar x,sushi yang xde mayonis?!xpenah kan?tulah there was this one evening,me n Chiew Hsia went to eat at this so called Y*!Sushi somewhere in Midvalley (if u hang a lot in midval a lot,u'll definitely know this place).I've always wanted to ty this place everytime i pass by,so it was time to give it a try. So,kitorang yg lapar ni pegilah masuk restaurant ni.then looking at the so-complicated menu,we managed to order some drinks and some start of,usually green tea would only cost you around 1 buck rite...but no...this ever happening place charged us 3 bucks per glass..dont even get me started on how was light coke priced!ok nak cakap gak,6 freaking bucks!huuussaaaa..ok2,xpe lagi.then we started to pick out some sushi from the conveyer belt.n guess what??!!not even one sushi was with mayonaisse!!bole x!!then,ok lah,i tried to be positive,try lah makan...then punyerlah xsedap sushi tu..rasenyer kalu i did my own sushi without even kn0w how to do it pon,i'm sure it wont taste as horrible as theirs!then,kalu murah xpelah jugak kan,xxxxx......this was actually the most expensive sushi restaurant i've ever been to (been to Zanmai's which is still my fav,genki,sushi king,sakae sushi).so,bile dah sangat fed up ngan kedai ni, we made the right move to slap the cashier togeher with the cook!!hahha,oklah,xlah sedramatik tu.we got out from the place and hit to another place with asam laksa!!huhu.the bill was 20 bucks which were jz drinks and 2-3 plates of sushi!!xpuas ati,next time,dont even try to go to this place,as we think that all the people in it are actually trying out this place for their first time.kill kill,die die!!

Gimme more!! shall i begin..if u'r a romantic comedy lover,u should definitely see my best friend's girl as its an A- rated movie for me!!hehe,,ok fine,maybe i'm a lil bit bias towards this kind of movies,but u'll surely fall in love with Dane Cook.huhu(he's d one in the middle).He acted before in Good Luck Chuck which was also a great movie!he's not really good looking,but with a personality like his,who bothers to c how he looks like!hahha.this movie is actually about how he betrayed his own buddy,ok,that sounds bad,but its not really actually as mean as it sounds.oh what the hell,juz go n watch it!loves kate hudson...
Ok,for the other movie,Max Payne..was actually,a pain in the ass!haha,sorry,i was really pissed off to c such movie that i expected to be good,especially when there's Mark Wahlberg in it,was actually a disaster!!.come to think of it,movies by Mark were not always good,except for some such as The Italian Job and Four Brothers.this guy is so self obsessed!ee...xbest langsung cite its definitely a C- rated movie(dont bother to even read the synopsis:(

Monday, October 13, 2008

Movies review..

okie,within the last 2 weeks i watched 2 movies which were Mama Mia and The House of Bunny..mmm,for mama mia,it was juz ok for me so i would give it a B-.The songs were great,but somehow the plot was not really deep as to be compared to some other musical movies such as Dreamgirls or even Hairspray which were so amazingly great!huhu.
The House of Bunny adalah tersgtlah klakar...sampai rasenye my frens pon cm maLu sbb put gelak sgt kuat n ongoing,hahha..and i would certainly recommend to all of u to watch it ASAP!coz this is certainly an A rated movie (watch it or u better die,haha)yeah!!Anna Faris is so freaking funny!n the best part i like this movie coz the sense of humour is not dirty at all,unlike Zohan which was so,geram,xsuke lawak cmtu..haha,emo.
Oh ya,another movie was Eagle eye..uuu,it was a great movie!i would give it an A- (if u dig Shia Labeouf..then u should watch it).sukenye die...mase marah pon die still gentleman..bole x?haaa:)
okie,have fun watching them!

Eee...geramnye ngan babies....

hehhe...geramkan tgk...this is my nephew yg br 1 week small n yet so beautiful..kepala still lembik tp rase geram n nak jugak dukung.uuuu..i love babies:)

Take a breath..

"Music comes from generations of pain, and generations of understanding emotion to be able to physically get that in a solid sound." "Soul is not a black thing or a white thing, it’s a human thing," - The Script

My magic beanie....weeeeee...

Hehe,this is so bff juz gave me a bean which is so cool..this bean will actually grow out from looking like this (first pict) to this!(2nd pict).Notice the writing?.How cool is that!hahha.thanks girl, u really know me well:)i simply love this kind of things.

The most delicious meals ever!!wahahhahah!!!

Here are some of the greatest food in the world that you could ever find!!:

1.Mak's Pakistani Beriyani
2. D'italianekitchen's Spaghetti Carbonara
3.Mak's Hot Chicken Salad
4.Tony Roma's Lamb Shank
5.The Marmalade's Spaghetti Carbonara
6.Pasta Mania's Spaghetti Carbonara
7.California Kitchen's Portobello Mushroom Ravioli
8.Chilli's Lamb Chop
9.Zan mai's Sushi
9.Any dish with cuttlefish in it!haha

If i were to list out all the food i love,sampai bile2 pon xabih.hahha,so i have put up the top 10 list of the most delicious food in the world:)

Thursday, October 2, 2008


okie,yesterday was the first day of raye..had my stomach filled with so many food!!!hahha.went to 4 houses..sume relatives..since my whole family is in KL.xde kampung..sedihh..hehhe.the first house,wan chik's house,we had this superbly nice nasi beriani with vegetarian mutton masala..sedap gilerrrr...hahha.the best thing is,every year u can find this dish served in da house.then the 2nd house we went was wan long's house.there we had nasi minyak with cili gunting!hehe,guess a lot of u guys never heard it before.its a kind of lauk which tastes a bit like asam pedas but its simply nicer.its cooked with beef and u can smell it even from outside the house,huhu.then,the third house we had nasi beriani with mutton also...okie,dah 3 rumah makan nasi beriani/minyak.sinful but beautiful..hahha.then,we went to the last house for the day.we had ayam kuzi which was a kelantanis dish..its kinda sweet but with lots of that when we went back,my tomach was really,really full which i had to actually crawl to get out of the car.hehe.

2nd day was wonderful since its our turn to do the open house..i'm excited myself since i can only eat the best beriani in the world today becoz my mom would only cook it once a year which is on raye day!hahha..4 of my lovely frenz,chiew hsia,may,elaine n li came today!turns out to be a great day.huhu!the last agenda for go holiday tomorow..xnak ckp katne..hahha.c ya next year, raye!