Saturday, January 3, 2009

The battle has begun...

Hahha.the journey to open my italian resaurant has juz begun tonite!wuhu!i managed to cook my very own carbonara (when i say "my",it does really means that i did it from scratch using my own recipe).Used real fresh white button mushrooms,smoked beef and good parmesan cheese.And guess what?it turns out to be not bad at all!my food critiques were my mom n my sisters. .hehhe.would definitely cook more but will try to improvise a little bit more.somein is missing somewhere..:)hmmmm..

Bedtime stories..

Ok,this movie was really entertaining!we couldnt stop smiling n laughing throughout the whole movie.adam sandler was hilarious as always.n d best part is that the Australian guy from the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall was in this movie!klakar giler. wuhu.k,its an A- movie:)