Sunday, November 23, 2008

Finally back..hahha

Yey!lamanyer xtulis blog..trip to bandong was superb!!haha.. life is full of joy!! feels so great when we can get together again..when everyone is apart from each other (sorang kat kelate,sorang kat uk,lagi sorang dekat lah,same hospital lak tu..hahha) n yet we can still meet up and do the craziest thing like going to badong on our own!!and the best thing is when all of your friends r still the same as u remembered during study years:).

So once we arrived there, we didnt know where to go,but we heard someplace about pasar baru,so we decided to go there.hehe,we did some homework b4 coming here,so we knew roughly of some of the intersting places that we should go. so we went on our first ride on 'angkot'. murah giler!about 70cents per person..bole x??best..then we had our first lunch, nasi timbel or nasi sundar.amazingly delicious..
Then on the 2nd day,we went to the one of the most beautiful place on earth,'tangkuban perahu'.its a volacano which is still active.Tangkuban actually means upside down,so the volcano does look like an upside down boat.

This is why u should love Angelina Jolie..

'You should never help somebody out of pity, or to get Brownie points in heaven,’ ‘You should genuinely find joy in making somebody else’s life better.’